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This article highlights the reasons why we use Flinks, a financial data connectivity platform. It provides an overview of the benefits and secure features.

As more and more business happens online, we’re bound to encounter new experiences. We’ve had customers just like you who get in touch to learn why we asked them to share their bank statements through a tool called Flinks.

What is Flinks?

To understand Flinks’ purpose, it’s important to note a significant trend happening in finance: consumers are increasingly sharing their financial information.

Financial service providers have always collected information from their clients, such as bank statements.

Today a growing number of institutions, just like us, now want to do that through secure digital channels.

This is where Flinks comes in. Canadian-based Flinks provides the secure digital channels that enable you to send financial information to us, simply by connecting to your bank account.

The data transfer is instantaneous, and as a result:

  • we can verify you banking information
  • we get access to your bank statements from the last 12 months

In short, Flinks is a tool Symple Loans Canada uses to understand you better—it makes the whole process substantially more convenient for you and allows us to serve you faster.

How secure is that?

Using a reputable data company like Flinks is actually how we make sure your information remains safe and secure.

Strong data security is built into Flinks’ services. It encrypts information at all times and maintains robust security protocols, which are routinely audited by independent firms to make sure they are effective. Their services are trusted by more than 300 clients, including some of the biggest financial institutions in the country.

The team at Flinks respects your privacy and values transparency so everyone involved—you, your bank, and us—can keep their peace of mind.

If you still have questions, you can visit Flinks’ website, or contact our customer care team at 1-888-479-2292

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